When little girls start out in the world of soccer there are not a lot of female soccer coaches at the local soccer clubs. Unfortunately, as you move into the more competitive leagues and development streams, this is even more true. In fact, even though girls make up 44% of the soccer-playing population in Canada, women only make up 3% of the coaches in the country. More females than ever are playing sports, yet it is still mostly males coaching young girls and teens. There is a different dynamic to motivating and coaching female players. A female coach naturally relates to this and knows how to ‘flick on’ the female player switch because she came from the same starting space.

Clear and Positive Feedback is Critical for Women

COACH-HEATHER-MACDOUGALLGirls respond to good communication, good listening, and frequent feedback. Conversely, too much yelling and screaming can be a big de-motivator. Future Girls Soccer evolved out of these realities for the female soccer player and from our years of experience of not only coaching girls, but watching girls get demotivated, lose confidence and ultimately quit the sport because of the lack of necessary connection between them and their coaches. Therefore, Future Girls’ 6-member team of all-female, licensed and certified coaches is quite unique. We have walked-the-walk and talked-the-talk. Several of our coaches have played at the highest levels — Canadian National Team and NCAA.

Beyond our playing abilities we have over 50 years of coaching experience. Check out this video!

Pay as you Play

Future Girls welcomes multi-sport, multi-activity girls. We believe in the power of sport to positively influence a girl’s entire life, not just her physical one. This is why we offer ‘pay as you play’ which is very unique to the industry. This allows players who have conflicts to come when they can and benefit from the coaching and keeping themselves confident on the ball if soccer is their summer sport.

Player-Parent-Family ‘First’ mentality. We do not schedule practices and games on holidays and we invest in equipment whenever we can. The Parent-Player duo is our customer. As parents and teachers ourselves, we have created a family-friendly environment that values the parent and exceeds the expectations of both player and parent — and if we don’t do that, we will refund your money — guaranteed.


First Skills (Girls 3-6)

future girls soccerThis is a program designed for girls that are just being introduced to soccer or have participated in other introductory soccer environments. Players will be coached on individual skill development for 30 minutes by our certified Future Girls Coaches and then led in a game by them as well. This will be offered as a summer house league program as well.

Skills (Girls 7-15) Excellence ‘Super” Sundays

This is a program designed for the soccer player who is focused on improving her own individual skills and wants to own the ball and rule the game. Following the Coerver ‘essentials’ methods to enhance technical footwork, ball control and performance fitness, these sessions are 90 minutes of intense soccer finesse, followed by 3v3 games to maximize touches.

Summer (Girls 7-14) Summer Performance League

This is a 10-week program designed for girls 7-14 that are just being introduced to soccer or have participated in other soccer house league soccer environments. Following the Fundamentals & Learn to Train guidelines from Sport Canada as well as Coerver ‘essentials’ methods, girls learn about soccer in an inspiring, correct way. Girls will be coached on individual skill development for 30 minutes by our certified Future Girls Coaches and then led in a game for the next 30 minutes by them as well.

Future Girls (Girls 7-14) Soccer Immersion Camp July 11-15

This is a week of soccer for the beginner to the elite. Future Girls offers 5 full days of soccer for girls who want to learn and improve their soccer skills, their athletic character and their life confidence. We will spend time for what you as a parent pay for: soccer skills, fun, enrichment and empowerment by challenging them, educating them and inspiring them. Half days for 3-6 year olds and full days for 7-15 year olds.

Summer 2016 registration is now open for all programs!


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