You may wonder: Can I trust the education system alone to fully educate my children?

When a teacher has a class of 30 students there are bound to be a few students who slip through the cracks. That is where private tutoring services come in. If you find that your child is having difficulties or isn’t challenged enough, you need to check out the available tutoring options in your city.

Sylvan Student

One option in Burlington is Sylvan Learning Centre. They specialize in private tutoring services for students who are struggling or for students who are looking to get ahead. The fact is, at any point in the school year there are about 20% of students who don’t understand what’s being taught and 20% who are bored by the material because they have already learned it.

Fill in the gaps where schools lack and visit Sylvan Learning Centre Burlington. Their tutors can help any student better their performance at school and build confidence and motivation. By completing an assessment at the Centre, Sylvan can determine if the student has the knowledge they should have according to the Ontario Curriculum. From there they can provide the student with an individualized learning plan created just for them. Unlike at school, Sylvan tailors the material to each student’s learning channel preference and skills. Sylvan Learning Centre gives students the individual attention they need to reach their full potential.

Sylvan TutorSylvan Learning Centre has a 3:1 student to teacher ratio. Sylvan students have a teacher sitting directly in front of them at all times in order to give instruction when the student needs it as well as keeping the child on task. Due to the fact that there are usually 2 other students at the learning table with each student, this allows the students to have time to work on the material alone. The student will not have a teacher to constantly correct them as soon as they make a mistake, forcing the student learn each step of the process and correct their own errors when possible. This will result in the student being able to carry the skills over to the classroom when the Sylvan teacher is not there.

Sylvan Learning Centre employs Ontario Certified teachers, each with plenty of experience working with children. So there is no need to be concerned about who is teaching your child. So next time your child comes home with a poor report card, don’t let them continue to fall through the cracks! Visit Sylvan Learning Centre Burlington and use individualized instruction to improve their grades!


Now it’s easier than ever to get your child quality tutoring in Burlington. In addtion to their 4190 South Service Rd, Suite 100 in Burlington, Sylvan Learning is opening a new satellite location in the city at 4125 Upper Middle Road in the month of April, 2014. If you are interested in getting more information about Sylvan Learning Centre Burlington or their new satellite location, please visit

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