Carla Marques Carla Marques is the Owner and Director of Premiere Dance in Burlington. She has been teaching dance for 23 years and has her teaching certificate under the Dance Masters of America. She opened her studio 15 years ago and has been teaching and choreographing ever since.

“Ive always had a passion and a drive to teach young children,” Carla explains. “For me, seeing them grow in all aspects of life is essential and very rewarding.” She explains how children in dance learn how to manage their time, poise themselves, be open, speak to adults, put themselves in different atmospheres, and see how hard work and dedication pays off.

Premiere Dance offers competitive and recreational classes for kids ages 2 and a half to adult. They teach a wide variety of dance, including ballet, jazz, tap, acro, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre and more. Premier Dance Trophies Competitive dancers at Premiere Dance are very dedicated kids, training between 14-20 hours a week. These talented kids have reached national level competitions and get to travel across the country to dance.

Recreational dancers come to class and have a stress free hour of training. “They’re still learning skills but don’t have the pressure of having to compete. For them it’s all about the enjoyment of dance and music in a healthy atmosphere,” Carla explains.

Carla says one of the things that makes Premiere Dance unique is that she has “a well rounded staff that has their credentials in each of their specialties. So each genre of dance has it’s specialty teacher which really enhances the studio itself. It gives the students the best of the best teachers.”

Premier Dance Ballet Classes begin in September and finish in June. Most students have classes after school from 4-10 pm on weekdays or on Saturdays. The studio also offers a morning program for kids in preschool.

At the end of each year there is a recital for all the kids. They prepare a routine for their parents to watch with friends and family. It’s a showcase of what the kids have learned and their passion for dance.

Dance isn’t just about having fun, it’s also a great form of exercise which keeps children healthy. Feeling and listening to music also brings out our emotions, and Carla says, heals the soul. She adds, “I feel that kids that dance have a certain quality about emotion, happiness, joy, that a child that doesn’t dance may not have the opportunity to feel.”

Even if you feel you may not have all the physical attributes to pursue dance, Carla assures us that anyone can be a dancer. “Every dancer has their own potential. Anyone can do what they set their mind to.” Premier Dance Summer classes are great ways to keep active during the summer holidays, keep up with technical training and to meet other  young dancers.

Premiere Dance offers three exciting themed camps that include dance training, games, crafts and movies. Princess Party (ages 4-6, half day), Pop Stars (ages 7-11, full day) and Summer Open for all ages in the evening. Before and after care available upon request.

To register in one of Premiere Dance’s programs call 905 335-2100 or visit them at 1149 Heritage Road in Burlington. For more details, click here.


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