Five ways Parents can create 60 seconds Love Connections with their Children

Mother KissChildren are back to school, routines are getting sorted and no time for love connections! There is homework, many extra curricular activities and everyone is on the move! As a busy parent, a sixty second connection gives you time to pause, be in the moment and connect with your child from the heart. This builds self- confidence, offers acknowledgement and reassures your child that you are still connected even when the day is busy.

“The best inheritance a parent can give to his or her children is a few minutes of time each day” (O.A. Battista)

Take sixty seconds and make love connections:

  1. Snuggle: You would be surprised how good your child feels when you take a ten second hug and extend it to sixty seconds. That extra fifty seconds will give the child a reassurance that he or she is loved.
  2. Tender Touch: Have you ever seen a parent cupping the cheeks of his or her child while stooping down and looking in their eyes? This child will feel very connected with the parent when you do this.
  3. Creative Gestures: Most children are visual learners, so use several kinds of sign languages or non-verbal languages to say, “I love you”. Waving good-bye as the child leaves on the school bus… wave until the bus is out of sight. You could draw a ‘paper heart’ and hold towards the bus until your child can no longer see it.
  4. i-love-you noteFriendly Messages: When you cannot be there for an in-person connection, a friendly note placed in your child’s lunch bag will bring a smile to his/her face. Imagine the smile on the child’s face when your note is read!
  5. The Extra Long Look: Every child needs to be appreciated each day. Take a deep breath and look at your child for sixty seconds with a smile or look of appreciation. Combine this connection with a snuggle or a tender touch… this has a lasting effect of love connection.

Written by Norma Nicholson RN BA MA (Ed)
Author, speaker, educator and children and youth expert
Author: Young Lives on the Line: You can a make a difference.

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