Ice cream in Burlington is delicious!  We’re fortunate to have lots of local and unique choices when it comes to finding that perfect icy treat to enjoy.  Here are some suggested spots on where to find your ice cream in Burlington.

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Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

Known for their award winning baked goods, during the summer months, Kelly’s Bake Shoppe also offers soft serve ice cream that is gluten, dairy, egg and peanut free!  They also offer sundaes and iced coffee.  Located at 401 Brant Street.

Crema Di Gelato

This is a cash only place and usually has a bit of a line but its well worth the wait! Crema Di Gelato uses only premium quality ingredients and uses a five step process to make their delicious product. Located at 1477 Lakeshore Road.

CC Swirls

With over 100 flavours in rotation, there is always something new to try.  Pick your favourite yogurt flavour and then add your favourite toppings.  Located at 2201 Brant Street.

R.C.’s Boardwalk Fries & Ice Cream

This lovely historic spot faces the lake and really has that old school ice cream feel.  A great spot to pick up a cone and then stroll by the lake.  Located at 2013 Lakeshore Road.

Lakeshore Coffee House

You may know them for their exceptional coffee, but they also serve ice cream too! They serve a variety of Chapman’s ice cream flavours as well as frozen yogurt and milkshakes too. Located at 2007 Lakeshore Road.


Frozen yogurt made from farm fresh Canadian milk.  Choose between low-fat or no-fat, gluten free or kosher and all come with added probiotics.  Pour on your favourite toppings and you’ve got what you’re craving.  They also do cakes and have take out options too.  Located in the William’s Café at 1250 Brant Street and in the Appleby Mall at 5010 Pinedale Avenue.

Marble Slab Creamery

The list of menu options here is long!  Milkshakes, sundaes, waffle bowls, banana splits and of course, traditional ice cream options too.  They’ve got 50 ice cream flavours and 20 options for things you can get mixed into your ice cream.  Located at 3047 Appleby Line.

Dairy Queen

Could they be the original spot to offer ice cream mixed with toppings?  The Blizzard still remains an ice cream staple and a favourite treat for many.  Dairy Queen’s menu options are vast and include other long time favourites like the peanut buster parfait, dipped cones and more.  Lots of take out options too. Located at 585 Plains Road East and 661 Appleby Line.

Baskin Robbins

Offering a unique ‘flavour of the month’, they also offer lots of choices like sherbet, sorbet and low fat options in addition to traditional ice cream.  Add in sundaes, milkshakes, parfaits and other treats and there is something for everyone.  The website also lists all ingredients in each ice cream as well as allergen information.  Located at 2475 Appleby Line and 2025 Guelph Line.


Custom flavours that are unique to Menchie’s and gluten-free, vegan, and no high fructose corn syrup options make this place a popular spot. Lots of flavours and toppings to choose from and they also offer ready to go cakes or you can order a custom cake.  Located at 1900 Appleby Line.

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