LMartial Arts In Burlingtonooking for a Burlington Martial Arts studio? NextGen Martial Arts offers an after school program in addition to regular scheduled Tae Kwon Do classes for kids and adults. First and foremost, NextGen Martial Arts is a family owned and operated business (both owners/instructors have 3rd Degree Black Belts) that is vested in the best possible experience for students. They aim to genuinely foster a sense of community, a place where kids and parents can always feel welcome and enjoy coming back.

NextGen Martial Arts After School Program

The program is built on best practices for both learning and fun.

  • Supervised care throughout the time the kids are in the after school program – during homework time, snack break  and while they have free time playing games in the gym the instructors join in on the fun.
  • A structured 1-hour Tae Kwon Do lesson every day which helps kids advance at a much quicker rate than students who only come to evening classes once per week.
  • Tae Kwon Do patters are varied with other activities during the class to make sure kids have fun and build strength, endurance and coordination.
  • The program provides a great sense of achievement for kids as they complete a new pattern, advance a level, or finally master a full body push-up.

Nextgen Martial Arts Common Room

Is Martial Arts For My Child?

Perhaps you’ve looked at Burlington Martial Arts studios in the past and aren’t sure about whether your child would enjoy it. NextGen Martial Arts let’s parents know that Tae Kwon Do is not only perfect for fitness and concentration, but there are many other benefits too.

  • Kids build confidence so they can stand tall, assured of themselves.
  • Gives kids a sense of pride and builds self-esteem when they have mastered a new pattern and their class mates applaud their efforts.
  • Allows them to progress at their own pace, while being a member of a group, all working together to obtain their next level.
  • We encourage fun as much as we encourage and teach respect for everyone.
  • Tae Kwon Do teaches life skills that kids will have forever.

Physical activity is so beneficial for children.  Did you know that only 1 in 8 Canadian kids get enough exercise? An active after school program is a great way to get kids moving more.  Contact NextGen today to learn more about what they offer.


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