Top Toys this Christmas for Burlington Kids is a list compiling the popular items we’ve seen and are sure your children will love!

Christmas shopping is exciting, we choose toys for our children and imagine the big smiles coming to their faces on Christmas morning. Every year there are new and exciting inventions, and 2014 is no exception! We’ve looked through the toys hitting the top of popular charts and we’ve marked down the ones we think will bring the most fun for kids ages 13-18.

Teens can be tricky to shop for! They lose interest in their old toys and can be easily bored. We’ve made sure to choose items that will capture their interest and keep them busy.

If you have toddlers ages 0-4, click here. For children ages 5 – 12, click here.

Burlington Kids Top Toys this Christmas

Super Smash Bros.
Nintendo has consistently released popular games since the early 90’s. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U are both launching shortly before Christmas this year. This game was a hit on Nintendo 64, Game Cube, and original Wii. Your children have probably played it before but this version brings new characters, scenes, props, and tricks! This is a great adventure or multiplayer game that consists of fighting but is not too violent. The graphics will amaze you!

Make your case

Case Maker
If your child is lucky enough to have a smartphone, they probably can’t take their hands off it! Allow them to customize their case with this Case Maker kit. It comes with four ready-made cell phone cases to decorate and molding material to create two additional cases from scratch. The kit comes with gem and alphabet stickers and designer paper. The design possibilities are endless since you can also add your own photos.  You can make cases for either the iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4/4s or iPhone 5/5s.



Perplexus Epic
This is a portable puzzle with pieces you can never mispalce! Flip, twist and turn the sphere to solve this challenging puzzle. Playing will improve hand-eye coordination, spatial relations and dexterity skills.


“Weird But True” Collector’s Set
weird but trueRead 900 outrageous facts in three volumes of eye-popping images and bizarre truths brought to you by National Geographic Kids. Topics include freaky foods, weird animals, amazing feats, eye-popping photos and more. All ages can be encouraged to read and enjoy. This will give them lots of conversation starters for their first parties! Also comes with a free poster.


Talk Dock
Talk DockTeens love to talk! They’ll spend hours on the phone with their besties or getting to know a special interest. Ensure their phone stays fully charged while they chat with a vintage style dock. Attach any smartphone on the dock or use the headset seperatly through your audio jack. Handset has one-touch answer and end call button.


Happy Christmas Shopping, Burlington!


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